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If you like to express sorry to anyone. Some pictures have gathered. In this essay, we offer Whatsapp photos that are amazing and good sorry free of charge. Lots of people that are today are employing Whatsapp DPs as their account images. Therefore some groups have gathered.


How to Say I'm Sorry

In order to understand how to say I'm sorry and have it be an effective apology, we need to know what kind of statements to include when apologizing. How does one person make someone else understand that they truly are sorry?

Apologizing is both an Art and a Science. The Art being the manner in which the apology is delivered while the Science is the recipe that forms the apology itself

Look at the "Science" or ingredient list that when combined produces the perfect apology.
A proper apology should always include the following:

  • detailed account of the situation
  • acknowledgement of the hurt or damage done
  • taking responsibility for the situation
  • recognition of your role in the event
  • a statement of regret
  • asking for forgiveness
  • a promise that it won't happen again
  • a form of restitution whenever possible

Now let's take a closer look at each of these ingredients and learn how to say I'm sorry in the most effective way.

By giving a detailed account of the offense, you are making sure that both you and the other person are talking about the same thing. It also legitimizes the feelings of the recipient by having the person who caused the offense recount the situation.

Keep in mind that you should be as specific as possible and your apology should be focused on the particular event(s). For example, if you missed an important date, don't apologize for your general absentmindedness but instead for missing that specific date.

Next, by acknowledging the hurt or damage done, you are validating their feelings and the recipient begins to sense that you understand the situation. This is important to rebuilding your relationship because it legitimizes their reaction, even if others in the same situation may have reacted differently.

Taking responsibility and recognizing your role in the situation without offering excuses is important to letting them know that you understand that the event and your actions did cause them harm.

Don't try to defend yourself or justify the situation or your actions. The apology is all about THEM and how they feel. It doesn't matter if the actions were intentional or not, the end result is the same and that is what needs to be focused on when learning how to say I'm sorry.

Including a statement of regret such as I "apologize" or "I'm sorry"along with a promise that it won't happen again are important to rebuilding the relationship and are key ingredients to any apology. After all, there is no value in apologizing for something that you will do again and again.

Finally, asking for forgiveness at the end of the apology gives the "power" back to the recipient. It tells them, that you have done all that you can do by apologizing and providing whatever form of restitution you can. The next move is up to them.

By carefully including all of these ingredients and applying them to your situation you will know exactly how to say I’m sorry, the next time you need to apologize.

Three words, eight letters, so difficult to say. They're stuck inside of me, they try and stay away. But this is too important to let them have their way. I need to do it now, I must do it today. I am sorry.

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The DOs of a Perfect Apology
  • Take the time to reflect on what you did wrong.
  • Use words that are very clear and accurately convey your thoughts and sentiments. Be absolutely honest and show true sincerity when apologizing. 
  • Use words that convey that you understand (and get) the other person's hurt feelings, and can appreciate why they are angry. Trying to convey or justify your feelings will likely be interpreted as you missing the point of an apology.  
  • When it comes to selecting from among the many approaches to apologizing, be sure the select the one that plays to your strengths. A letter is a much better option if you happen to be a very nervous person, would prefer not to confront the person face-to-face for other reasons, or live far away. If you go this route, be sure to take the time to craft the written apology carefully and run through a few re-reads to make sure the phrasing is perfect. Put it down and re-visit the letter the next day for the final draft before sending it along.  

  • Be as specific as you can about the mistake, and as clear as you can about your responsibility.  
  • Make sure the apology clearly conveys that you recognize not onlywhy but how much the person was injured by your actions. Saying "I know you were hurt" is not the same as saying "I know how incredibly insulted and angry you were because of..." The latter is a much better way to convey that you're accepting responsibility. 
  • Allow the person time to think about your apology—the time they take may vary but the offended person has the right to determine how much time that should be. 
  • Clearly request forgiveness but don't expect or demand it. 
  • If you decide to go the voicemail route for your apology (instead of a face-to-face encounter or written apology letter), be sure to write out the apology anyway—and then practice reading before making the call. If you think the perfect apology will just flow off your lips after the beep, you're wrong. Write it out and practice it first. 
  • Give some thought to how long the apology should be—it usually depends on the enormitycomplexity or ripple effects of the mistake you've made. Most apologies don't require more than a few well crafted sentences. Since apologies are often awkward it may not help to go into too much unnecessary detail. Longer than needed explanations often come across as self-serving. 
  • Be prepared to accept that the person might not forgive you, and acknowledge to them that you are prepared for that possibility and will accept it willingly. 
  • When acknowledging the offence make it clear to the person that you understand ALL of the consequences of your actions—personal, emotional, relational, monetary, business, etc. 
  • Be sure to understand what the other person sees as the problem worthy of an apology, and be very specific—you can't apologize effectively if you don't know what you are apologizing for. 
  • Give some thought (and then some more thought) to when and how you should be apologizing. 
  • Say "I'm sorry I was rude," not "I'm sorry if I was rude." Sorry "if" is one of those potentially costly qualifiers that can turn a good apology into a really bad one, so be careful. Words really matter. "I apologize for insulting you" is much better than "I apologize if what I said seemed insulting or offensive." And "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings" is never as strong as "I'm sorry I called you an idiot." 
  • Make it genuine and NEVER justify your actions.
  • Write your apology down and read and rehearse it over a few times—it doesn't matter whether you intend to deliver it in writing, writing it down will help you to recall what you'd like to say when the time comes. 
  • When acknowledging the offense, name it and the hurt feelings it caused. 
  • Think about the cause of the offense, and convey the cause when extending your apology (e.g., why do you constantly forget dates; why are you so argumentative; why are you so dismissive of others opinions; etc). It's important for the offended person to understand you get it—but make sure you do in fact get it. 
  • Communicating vulnerability in an apology can help. 
  • Clearly convey appreciation for the role the person plays in your life and why the apology is so important—whether or not they accept it. Describe what you think you will lose if the relationship is permanently damaged
  • Convey the penalty you are willing to pay and tell them how you plan to solve the problem. But if you're not sure, ask the other person how you can repair the mistake. 
  • When apologizing in person (there may be alternate approaches better suited for your particular situation) be sure to do so one-on-one. On the other hand, if a public apology is warranted as an expression of your willingness to suffer the public (political consequences) then a one-on-one apology may be viewed as a cop out. 
  • Always be prepared for a very bad start to a verbal apology. For example, be ready to respond to something like, "You should be sorry, you idiot!", or "It's too little too late", or "I just can't trust you anymore", or "I've heard that one before", or "How do I know you won't do it again?" These kinds of reflexive responses or "apology busters" may come from anger or hurt feelings, but you should be prepared to accept and deal with it. 
  • A note for parents: Parents should consider discussing the art of apologizing with their kids. And the very best approach parents can use to teach their kids is to apologize to them when they screw up, and to do so as often as required.

Tips on Body Language
  1. Be relaxed and make sure to look the person in the eye.  
  2. Don't cross your arms or place your hands on your hips.  
  3. Don't be defensive or angry (even with yourself)...  

Sorry I Nothing To Give

Perfect Romantic Apologies

When thinking about romantic ways of apologizing, what are you really looking for? You're looking for a way to say I am sorry and I love you at the same time.

Perfect romantic apologies (like all perfect apologies) are the result of combining the Art and Science of apologizing.  ?

In this case, the Art is in the romantic approach taken in extending the apology that says "I love you" and makes the person that you love feel loved.

By adding romance to your apology you let them know how special they are to you, and how sorry you are to have caused them any pain.

These ideas are appropriate for anyone—your boyfriendgirlfriendlover or spouse and demonstrate one of the key ingredients of romance—they all show thoughtfulness, and that you've gone out of your way to make the other person feel special.

 The Custom Apology CD   

Create a custom CD of love songs. Make the first track on the CD your apology and dedicate the CD to the recipient. (If you don't have access to software that allows you to tape yourself and transfer it to CD, use the back cover of the CD to write out your apology and dedication). Customize the front cover with a picture of the two of you and "I'm sorry" as the title.

You can hand deliver it, send it by mail or courier, or sneak into their CD collection. If you have access to their car, load the CD into the player so that the next time they start the car, your apology and dedication is the first thing they hear.

 The Apology Video 

Create a video apology. Just tape yourself apologizing and expressing your love for the person. Many of us find it easier to tell a person how much we care for them on tape or in a letter than we do in person. The video itself can be simple or sophisticated. It really doesn't matter. The point is that you are acknowledging your mistake and expressing your regret and love with something they can keep forever.

Again, you can send it by mail, hand deliver it, put it in their VCR or DVD player, or post it on the Internet and declare your love and apologize for all the world to see. (contact us if you would like to post it on this site)

 The Apology Love Letter

Write an old fashioned love letter along with an invitation to join you for coffee, drinks, or a meal where you will apologize in person. Make sure to write the letter out by hand on nice stationery and seal it in an envelope. (As far as romantic apologies go, this is a classic and one of the easiest and most effective ways of delivering an apology to someone you love.)

 The Apology Star

Adopt a Star in their name. Yes, a real star. There are so many romantic ways you can go with this one... Give it to them while apologizing outdoors at night and looking up at the sky. Tell them how sorry you are, how they've always been a star in your eyes, and how now (by naming a star after them) the world will know it too.

 The Ultimate Apology Gift: Jewelry

For those of you who are looking for that truly romantic special touch is a great site to explore.  Reeds has been in business since 1946 and is completely trustworthy. They  offer everything from watches to discount jewelry to designer jewelry to exquisite diamond pieces—ranging from under a hundred dollars to hundreds and thousands of dollars—they even have heart-shaped diamonds for those with extra cash on hand. Jewelry really is the "classic" apology gift. As a matter of fact, we were contacted a while back regarding our take on a poll that was conducted in the US. The survey was commissioned by a jewelry company who found that a substantial portion of their customer base purchased jewelry as a way of saying sorry. Apparently, jewelry does wonders when apologizing.

 The Apology Event—Concert or Sports

Is one of you crazy for a particular band or sports team? Do you share a special song or spend time together watching sports events? Romantic apologies are about focusing on your relationship or the other person so if there is something in particular that you share together or your partner loves then find a way to bring it to them by planning a special evening for the two of you at a concert or sports event—it can really become an important memory in a relationship.

Plan a special evening with your loved one—write out a small handwritten apology, place it in an envelope along with the event tickets and create a romantic memory.

Remember that you don't have to limit yourself to just one idea on this page, combine them, mix and match them, and create something really special for the two of you.

 The Apology Bottle

What better way to say you're sorry than to share a glass of wine or champagne? What makes this idea extra special is that it comes from a personally etched or labeled bottle with your heartfelt sentiment.  EtchingExpressions makes Personalized Etched and Labeled Wine for All Occasions.

 We really like this one, because it is a keepsake that is personalized by you and tells the recipient that you made an extra effort to come up with something unique and romantic for your apology—all you do is choose what you want to say in 3 or 4 lines of text and they do the rest.

You can combine it with any of the other apology ideas on this page to make it a truly outstanding romantic evening.  (Make sure to pick one of the blank labels or styles out of their large selection.)

 The Apology Photo Album

Put together a photo album of pictures showing all the great times that you've shared together. You can also include a hand written apology on the first page or just a simple "I'm sorry" mentioning how nothing is as important to you as the memories in this book.

 The Apology Cake

Buy or bake a cake (chocolate is always a good option) and ice it (or have it iced by the bakery) with a personal message from you. "I am sorry and I love you" looks great on a cake.

 The Apology Fortune Cookie

Invite them for some Chinese food (either order-in or go out to a restaurant) apologize over dinner and arrange to have a special personalized message in their fortune cookie.

 The Apology Pizza

If Chinese food isn't their thing, then have your local pizza shop deliver a custom heart shaped pizza to them along with an apology note. Most pizza places will oblige (when it comes to love people can be so helpful) but if for some reason they can't do it then ask them to arrange the toppings in a heart shape.

 The Romantic Indoor Picnic

Extend an invitation for dinner and apologize. Set up a romantic indoor picnic. Lay a blanket on the floor, light some candles, and serve them their favorite meal (bought or home cooked). Make sure to have several courses to make it a memorable evening and not a quick bite.

 To 'turn it up a notch' complement the meal with 'traditionally' romantic and sensual foods such as asparagus, oysters, and chocolate dipped strawberries.

 Apology Love Notes

Hide little I'm sorry notes AND expressions of your love everywhere—in their pockets, in the coffee can, the cookie jar, the butter dish, a cereal box, their briefcase, the glove compartment, their wallet, their shoes, inside their gloves etc...

Make some love coupons that they can redeem whenever they want. Have fun with this idea and if you do a good job, your apology and love messages will be found for months and be a constant reminder of your love and heartfelt regret.

 A Romantic Apology and the Heartfelt Gift

Give them your heart as a gift. Get a nice box and beautiful ribbon and place a heart shaped object inside…from a small plastic heart-shaped charm to a red paper cut-out, to a heart shaped diamond.

Any heart will do because it is only a symbol of your love and your love is the gift (not the object). Apologize and let them know that because they are so special to you that you're giving them the most precious thing you could think of… your heart.

Romantic apologies are about showing another person how important they are to you AND how sorry you are for what you did. The perfect romantic apology will seamlessly blend the Art and Science of an apology and bring you that much closer to being forgiven.

However, for romantic apologies to be effective you should always complement any of these, or other romantic gestures, with a face-to-face verbal apology.

I Am Very Sorry Ecards

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Saying Sorry To Girlfriend

You did mean a lot to me.
I’m guessing you still do,
Since every time you say something,
Something unpleasant,
Something vile,
My heart shrinks…
And through that shrunken heart,
Passes a piercing shaft.
The shaft gives way to blood,
Blood, the same color,
The color of my love.
The love was deep,
It was.
It hurts.
Love hurts.
I am hurt.
You are too.
Or maybe you think this is bullshit.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry I was never good enough.
I’m sorry. 

I Am Sorry For I Did Please Forgive Me

Create I'm truly sorry stating picture for sweetheart or partner. Create your title on "I'm sorry and that I miss you" image to express sorry. Rose rose online image change.

After making (composing your title on credit card picture) Stating Sorry To Partner / Sweetheart you'll like and like it. When you create the card you then may obtain it as picture or could be delivered as picture through e-mail and you also may reveal or article to Facebook, googleplus twitter or enjoy the event together with household members and your buddy.

Therefore, you'd a tiff together with your companion over an error and today issues took a change for that worse. In speaking conditions with one another you're no further and you are being killed by this factor.

You've actually realized your error, however, you are currently questioning just how to apologise for your partner. All does it problem?

Actually, little conflicts occur in most connection, but saying sorry and admitting that you're incorrect is definitely an essential action to create your relationship balanced and content one. We all know that apologies are challenging to state; but when you say sorry with one of these efficient and innovative suggestions, your companion will certainly drop in deep love with you-all once again.

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