Top 50 sad Whatsapp status|Sad Status | Sad Status In Hindi

Top 50 sad Whatsapp status|Sad Status | Sad Status In Hindi

Whatsapp status is utilized to change daily. Sad status for Whatsapp provides you a chance to express your feelings. So being a Whatsapp user in case you are trying to find a few assortment of Top 50 sad Whatsapp status, here's what you would be searching for.

You have to remove something in your lifestyle. There are sure folks who aren't supposed to fit in your daily life, however much you want them to be.

To dream that you're sailing represents how your life is going and how you're able to deal with life's problems. Some folks are somewhat more interested in different people's lives than their own.

Instead, the dream usually means that you have to analyze elements of your life for absolutely any possible issues that might trip you up later on.

Alternatively, it implies that you are trying to escape from reality. Alternatively, it means that you are reflecting on the good and bad things that you have done.

 It may mean that you are trying to break from your routine. Alternatively, it indicates that you are longing for nature and good health. The dream also suggests that you have to be decisive in what it is that you are doing.

Sad Status

Sad Status

whatsapp sad status

sad status in hindi

whatsapp status sad

sad status in hindi

Sad Whatsapp Status for Whatsapp.Today I'm sharing Together with one of the Best Heart Touching Sad Standing with You.This is your status you may use it your Sad time.This standing have a Sad Enjoy Whatsapp Status Failure Sad Status etc.

This Sad standing reveal that the sad felling of you.All that the people today wish to share their sense on whatsapp. So by they could upgrade quite gloomy status on whatsapp, Enjoy standing etc.

These whatsapp standing gloomy are chosen by our staff member. So the Popular gloomy Whatsapp status set is granted below.I hope you enjoy this gloomy position for whatsapp.

Back in Life Sometimes It's Difficult to Forget Someone as the Anxiety of Broken Heart is Unreliable. Here You can Discover Substantial Group of Newest Whatsapp Status in Various Category Like Love Whatsapp Status, Attitude Quotes, and Status etc..

Express your Anxiety and Sadness by Altering your Whatsapp Status via This Ideal Set of Sad Whatsapp Status in English.

1) #उन्होने 👩 #एक_दिन #हमसे 👦 अजब सा #सवाल 📝 #कर_डाला, 😳
कि #मरते 😍 तो #मुझ_पर 👩 हो तो #फिर_जीते 😉 #किसके_लिये हो..?

sad whatsapp status

2) 💏 #मोहब्बत की 💘 #बर्बादी काक्या 💞 #अफसाना था...
#दिल के 💔 #टुकड़े हो गये पर 👫 #लोगो ने कहा 👌 #वाह क्या 💘 #निशाना था।।

whatsapp status sad

3) *🗣 बोला_था_ना_की 🏇 #एंट्री_भलेही_लेट_होगी
लेकिन #साला_सबसे 👌 *#ग्रेट_होगी.*
जिंन्दगी जीते हे हम #शान से.😎 * तभी_तो_#दुश्मन_जलते_हे_हमारे_नाम से......

sad love status

4)👉🏻 साथ #रोती 💥 थी,
हँसाकरती थी,
एक #परी 💞 मेरे #दिल 🍃 में बसा 😍 करती 😘 थी.....
😎 #किस्मतथी हम ⚡ #जुदा हो 🍃 गए,
वरना वो मुझे,
अपनी #तकदीर 💫 कहा करती थी

sad quotes in hindi

5)यूँ शक ना किया करो
मेरी #मोहब्बत पे..💕💕
💕💕#तुम्हारे बिना भी हम
तुम्हारे ही रहते है !!

sad status for whatsapp

6) तुम आरजू तो करो #मोहब्बत करने की
हम इतने भी #गरीब नहीं की #मोहब्बत ना दे सके.........

whatsapp status in hindi sad

7)तेरी आरज़ू मेरा #ख्वाब है,
जिसका रास्ता बहुत #खराब है,
मेरे #ज़ख़्म का अंदाज़ा ना लगा,
दिल का हर पन्ना #दर्द की किताब है.

hindi status for life

8)💉🏿...💓ना थी मेरी #तमनना तेरे #बगैर रहने की,पर,
मजबूर को, #मजबूर की, #मजबूरियां, मजबूर बना देती है....।।।

sad whatsapp status in hindi

9)🔪लगता है #मेरी👉😴 नींद_का😎 किसी#के साथ🚶‍ चक्कर_ चल😍 रहा है।
कमबख्त😍#सारी_सारी🌌 रात गायब😉रहती है... 😘😘🎻

sad status in hindi

10) #बड़ा_खूबसूरत 😍 सा #रिश्ता है #तेरा_मेरा, 👫
ना #तुमने 👩 #कभी_बाँधा 😌 ना #मैने 👦 #कभी_छोड़ा ।।

love sad status

11)दिल* तो कहता है की * छोड़ दू 😔* ये_ _* #Facebook की दुनिया,* 📡_
_पर *आज कल* इसके सिवा * दोस्त कहां मिलते 👫 है*