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Valentine gift ideas 2017

Valentine's Day is coming and you need some ideas to find the perfect gift? Do not worry, you're in the right place!
Here are some gift ideas for Valentine's original and classic for him and her.

If it has not, take a look also to the gifts for him and gifts for her ...

original and classic Valentine's Day gift ideas

Hard to find something original at discounted prices as on Groupon! You can find everything from launch with tandem parachute, the balloon ride (really nice!), The romantic dinner on the lake wonderful weekend out and much more, all at more than 50% discounted prices!
When used with intelligence (always occurs if the seller is reliable coupon) and if wait for the right moment (can cause addiction;) do not buy every day, but just wait the offer you are looking for), is the ideal place to find the original gifts for Valentine's Day (but not only!)


Do you want to surprise your partner? Give an original experience, like a night in a romantic igloo.
He loves chocolate? Give a chocolate massage, an unforgettable journey of the senses and a magical moment.
What do you think to give you a photo story of love? A real photo book to capture forever your love.

You enjoy dining out? So, on Valentine's Day treat yourself to an original dinner, like a dinner on the tram with city tour or a dinner with a crime in which you will find the murderess.

You want to say thank you to your you? Fall pass a princess day, a day at a beauty salon with a hairdresser, make-up artist and beautician dedicated exclusively to her. Will live an unforgettable day, when he can have a relaxing break and play with their look.
To your partner likes to be photographed, gives fashion models for a day for him and her, including a professional photo shoot with book.

It adrenaline lover? It gives a good jump with bungee jumping, a ride in a Ferrari on the track or a tandem jump with a parachute.

You animal lover? A few hours of dog sledding, a course with around with the sled dogs, could be a much-appreciated gift.

Look at all the other gift experiences, or take a look at the best gift sets such as Smart box.


The classic of classics? A Love pendant Swarovski! Simple, elegant. gorgeous, and always well appreciated. Swarovski is a guarantee.

Otherwise look also shaped necklaces Heart on Amazon, there are many wonderful and prices.
He does not wear necklaces? Then you can bet on earringsbraceletsringswatches, or a beautiful paruria (necklace and earrings of the same line).

For the boys, you give away a watch or a tie pin to wear maybe just on Valentine's night, or the twins.
The super classic remains the necklace or keychain with a heart split in half.


The teddy is always plush. Find one of the cute, give it a name, and Regalado ... when you will embrace, will be how to embrace you. If you do not want to give one heart-shaped, have a look at those of Trudy.
But if you have a good budget, well, it gives a huge teddy bear plush 155cm tall!

Give a star

Give a star

Give a star, complete with a certificate and the celestial map with coordinates to pinpoint the exact location where you find the star. In addition, you will also receive a necklace (or a key ring) engraved with the star constellation and its exact coordinates.

Every time I look at the sky will think of you, forever.

You're in trouble because you do not know what to choose? Just even a simple T-shirt, a sweater, a nice sweater, a headset with matching gloves and scarf, a bag, a pair of shoes ... something simple but still useful.
Otherwise, propose to be "her ATM" for one day (with limited budget, otherwise you're screwed) which will accompany your partner anywhere (and not complain as you always do).

Starry sky

Starry sky

A starry sky on the ceiling of his room, invisible by day and spectacular in the dark. The complicated thing will make her the surprise, you should put you agree with any of his family in order to create the stars when she is not at home. Just imagine: she enters the room unaware of all, doing his own thing, maybe you will despoil, will watch television, listen to some 'music, but at the time that the light will turn off after about ten seconds to appear as if by magic the starry sky .


Sometimes you just need to unplug and spend some 'quality time with their partner. Gives a nice weekend in some cities, particular place or country, it will be something very romantic.

Visit also our section Travel.

If you still have not found anything, take a look at this experience, one night among the stars, an overnight stay in a shelter with snowshoes!

spa or massage centre
spa or massage centre

Give a moment of peace and serenity, an entrance to some spa, a full body massage or a massage for couples ... you'll have a partner to 100% regenerated.

customized cover for smartphone or tablet 
Customized cover for smartphone or tablet

If you have a small budget, what do you think to customize the cover of its smartphone with a picture, maybe you or the two of you together, so you will always have with you. The same thing you can do it with the safekeeping of the tablet or laptop. A simple idea, cheap but very appreciated.

Pillowcase pillow / blanket for couples
Pillowcase pillow / blanket for couples

If you are lucky enough to live now with your partner, well, these pillowcases are spectacular (but watch that the site is American).

For gourmands who like to cook

For gourmands who like to cook

He loves to eat, or gardening? Take her by the throat! What do you think of the kit to prepare the crepes "I love cooking crepes" Ballarino? (be careful that the crepes are round and not heart-shaped, but it is still a very good idea ...)

If you wanted to prepare a dinner at home, you try to see the heart-shaped cake pan and cutter broken heart, a great way to create something original and suitable for Valentine's Day.
Watch other gift ideas for lovers of fine cuisine.

USB stick in the shape of heart

USB stick in the shape of heart

It needs a USB stick? Why not take something heart-shaped? Maybe add your photos before you deliver it ... it will be a double surprise.


There is nothing more authentic than something customized to your partner. It will exist a single model in the world, which makes it unique!
What do you customize? Everything. On the internet, you can find all over now. Cover smartphone, splendours hook, door fabric photo album (wonderful idea!), T-shirt or a nice covered and much more ... it all depends on your imagination!
Looks a bit 'of personalized gift ideas.

Books and eReader

Books and eReader

She likes reading? Give a book of love (I suggest those of Nicholas Sparks), or opts technology and offers a wonderful eReader , the reader of books in digital format. I have given the Kindle Paperwhite and it was a super gift appreciated, now I can no longer do without.

tech gifts
tech gifts

He loves technology? Then it will not be difficult to find the perfect gift!
If you have a high budget, you may give away a smartphone, now almost indispensable in everyday life, such as the Samsung Galaxy or the ' iPhone. Or maybe, it's time to change your old PC with a good laptop or tablets.
I like extreme sports? Then you cannot miss action camera like GoPro or its thousand accessories.

If it is a type sports and attentive to their health, take a look at the bracelet for monitoring of sleep and physical activity. It keeps track of your physical activity during the day and also the number of night-time awakenings (useful for monitoring the quality of sleep). Gift useful if you want to try to improve their lifestyle with data in hand.

If you love to listen a little 'music while running or while it is in the gym, the' iPod shuffle is the perfect gift. It has reduced size and is very convenient and practical to use in these conditions. Maybe some of your songs already charged.

For the forgetful there are labels to stick to objects to be able to track down with an application on your smartphone. Finally, he does not lose anything in the house.

For those who travel frequently and need coffee, here's a portable coffee maker.
Look at other tech gifts.

for couple’s cups
for couple's cups

Have breakfast or snack together? You can find lots of cups "for the couple," as this " Mr and Mrs Right Mug "



If you want to do something nice to your girlfriend, view slippers magical unicorn.


For him, instead you give the feet slippers Hobbit.


Do you love long walks hand in hand in winter? And then these are the perfect gloves!
Watch other original gifts.

Cover smartphone for couples

Cover smartphone for couples

If you cannot spend as much, a cover designed for the pair is a great gift idea.

Paintings and Wall Stickers

Paintings and Wall Stickers

It has a bedroom or some house wall a bit 'too bare? Then you could give a picture on canvas in panels, are very beautiful and there is something for all tastes.

Alternatively, you could give away the wall stickers are easy to apply and which give a very modern touch.
Watch 50+ wall stickers selected by us.

A song tailor

On you can make to create a song just for you, starting with the text up to the choice of the melody ... of course, it is also sung (badly tuned will jump for joy, and perhaps even the partner fees;)


He loves music? He loves the true emotions? The ticket for the concert of her favourite singer can be a good idea ... Of course, you will need to purchase the ticket for you;)


It is quite impersonal as a gift, and above all, you have to know the tastes of your partner ... be careful and if you cannot decide, choose a perfume among the best known.


You have spent a nice evening together? Not over here. Put the icing on the cake with this flying lantern in the shape of heart.

You just get together without spending (too many) money? Then treat yourself to a hot chocolate in front of TV, maybe watching your favorite movie.

Finally, ...
Never forget to bring your partner out to dinner, or even better, to prepare a dinner by candlelight at home taking care of all the details. All this should be accompanied with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates ... Happy Valentine's Day <3

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