Meaning and origins of Valentine's Day or the Lovers Day

There is no other calendar anniversary of the Catholic Church so distorted from its religious origin, so depleted of its original meaning. 
The Catholic Church itself has taken off his calendar the feast of St. Valentine, considering it not essential to religious purposes. On 14 February, the date of the festival, has become a purely consumerist, called "Valentine'sDay", with its advertising bombardment. 
But even among the lovers, it has a universal appeal, because, for many, is considered a banal and exceptional uselessness, devoting one day to their "love." 
The real Valentine was bishop and patron saint of Terni, and was beheaded in Rome in 273, during the persecution of Emperor Aurelian. On him we have very little information; it seems, according to some ancient documents, but of dubious reliability, it was known as a miracle worker, capable of performing miracles. 
For this he was called to Rome by the philosopher Craton to heal the affected child, apparently from an illness that significantly limited mobility. 

Valentine promised healing if the whole family had converted. Both these things are duly occurred and his fame grew so much that the saint was imprisoned and tortured in an effort to make him renounce his faith. 

valentines day

After decapitation, some students of Craton, also converted, brought the saint's body in Terni, and buried them. Over time it created confusion and to this date it began to also commemorate another Valentino, but had never been canonized, but it was only a benefactor, he also lived in the third century, and was confused with true saint. As you can see, in this legend there is anything about the lovers. 
The association of St. Valentine in love with you merely to the fact that when he spread his cult, on that date was very close to the beginning of spring in the Julian calendar in use at the time; It knows that spring is the season of awakening of loving animals. They flourished so more legends that put a sort of stigma on Valentine's Day as the protector of lovers. 

valentines day

There are many variations of the meaning and origins of Valentine's Day:
A legend, for example,
Says that the saint used to offer a flower picked from her garden to young couples who were passing in front of and one day a couple wanted to get married with blessing Valentino. 
Since then many other couples did the same raising, over the centuries, 
St. Valentine as the patron of all lovers.