Free Spoken English Lesson :How to Say Someone is Right?

i you an English that yes you lie what doing right now we're trying to dc yet if and this lesson is that all the bond learning hungry when someone call to say that somebody is the right it's a long time did you run disagreeing with people

will anything that they are wrong Whitney misha are you going to wear a hot says they yes to some light ways i think the in a then you do to live say didn't say let's dive and i think Dan

yes i did not survive the fascinating interface antibiotics fuel question egg is this a loss if if there's one what we abide as i guess that's right that is one way to ask you are you running for student you would say yes that's right i am an English student or if you follow any other time when

We’re in john this don't see you could have died yes that's right do it it says in response to what this may come to the second freaks you

quite right the what quite quite a drug dealer says the opening and the agreement which kid was about ninety nine percent or ninety eight percent here comes in on two eggs he's seventy percent because thirty percent may be that person is not right

all are there answer is incomplete let me give you an example for that let's seal friend has filed for divorce and you meet him off to some tiny office can hear do was to write any might sink your question right big cola's he's sooner or even the bras

so the divorce he hasn't yet been divorced and he will soon be that stupid call season the middle think he might think you're quite right but not hundred percent not a hundred percent above seven percent and seeing some disagreement

in the new at this island here yes that's got it if you're the brother of all for show all of john and your name is martin somebody might so you

He market is another of john what would you replied yes that's correct and john's brother that can be a perfect on so what does he have you completely agree with the present time is also in the interim response late yes that's right

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