small kids jokes

1. That angry moment..!! :|
When a small kid hits you,
Without any reason In front of his mom.
And you can't do anything but smile..

2. That Angry Moment.
Whn a small kid hits u widout any
reason in front of his mom&
u cant do anything bt smile n say
"kitna cute hai (Sala kutta)

3. Small kids in the village introducing themselves.
Boy1- my name is Joseph but the teacher calls me Lata. And this is my sister Elenoa (pushes sister infront*)
Boy2- and my name is Pita.
Boy1- he's our neighbors. His name is Pita but we call him Pit – toilet

4. That angry moment !!😡
When a small kid hits you with stick,
Without any reason in front of his
And you can't do anything but
to smile!!😅
*Mann toh krta hai "De Thappad hi Thappad Baja dale usko*

5. Leav application by small kid:
O My teacher, :)
Wen i come,
Water Run cham cham,
Leg my fisla,
Gira mai Dham Dham, :(
Upar was my bag niche was my bum.
Isliye Today i cant come "P

6. A small letter written by a small kid:
Dear Board of Education,
I am also Bored of Education...

7. A small kid asked his mom - Mom - how do you always know how to solve my problems ,??
Mom replied .... well you know God makes us take an exam to be able to know and solve all your problems before we become mummy . Only when we pass the test we become Mom !!!
The kid gave a knowing smile and said - 'I understand... If you fail in the test you become Daddy' !! 😀😀

8. As It's Facebook, Nobody Knows His/Her Senior Again Oh. . . 😒😒
Small Children That I Can Tell To Be Fanning Me (Hand Fan) As Am Sleeping Will Be Sending Me "Hi" 
If I Tell Your Mama "Hi" You Go Like Am? 
Migwo (Tribal Greeting) Nor Deh Your Mouth? 

9. In a nursery school canteen,der was a basket of apple wit a notice written over it,
'Do not take more dan 1 God is watching'
On d other counter der was a box of chocolates,a small child went n wrote on it..
'Take as many as u want,GOD is busy watching d apples

10. Teacher: Who wants to go to heaven ?
Everybody lift their hands except one small boy :)
Teacher asks him Why u dnt want to go...??
He says: "Mom said come directly home after school.


small kids jokes

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