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If you like to express sorry to anyone. Some pictures have gathered. In this essay, we offer Whatsapp photos that are amazing and good sorry free of charge. Lots of people that are today are employing Whatsapp DPs as their account images. Therefore some groups have gathered .

How to Say I'm Sorry
In order to understand how to say I'm sorry and have it be an effective apology, we need to know what kind of statements to include when apologizing. How does one person make someone else understand that they truly are sorry?
Apologizing is both an Art and a Science. The Art being the manner in which the apology is delivered while the Science is the recipe that forms the apology itself
Look at the "Science" or ingredient list that when combined produces the perfect apology. A proper apology should always include the following:
detailed account of the situationacknowledgement of the hurt or damage donetaking responsibility for the situationrecognition of your r…

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To make the group more active let's play game

_To make the group more active let's play game._

Reply is a must & Everyone should try..


*Find your Birth Month!!*
January : I need
February: I killed
March: I loved
April: I dated
May: I Slapped
June: I Hugged
July: I played with
August: I jumped on
September: I Drunk with
October: I proposed
November: I punched
December: I kissed

*Pick the day (Number) You were born on*
01: Someone
02: Joker
03: Monkey
04: Veerappan
05: Elephant
06: Shahrukh Khan
07: Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend
08: Doremon
09: A donkey
10: My Girlfriend
11: Shaktimaan
12: Bin Laden
13: Superman
14: Macho man
15: A Gorilla
16: Spiderman
17: Frog
18: Sunny Leone
19: A Pepsi can
20: My crush
21: A fisherman
22: Romantic girl
23: An old lady
24: Dinosaur
25: Katrina kaif
26: Crocodile
27: Pika chu
28: My Best Friend
29: Hippopotamus
30: Your best friend
31: Hulk

*Select the year you were born.*
1960-in a ATM
1961- in ambulance
1962-in a parlour
1963- in a hotel
1964- in a subway
1965- in car parking
1966- in a bungalow
1967-in a pond
1968- in a ocean
1969- in a police van
1970- in a jumbo jet
1971- in a helicopter
1972- in a museum
1973- in a garage
1974- in a freeze
1975 - in a theatre
1976 - in a village
1977 - in a forest
1978 - in a swimming pool
1979 - in a villa
1980 - in a room
1981 - in a balcony
1982 - in a park
1983 - in a taxi
1984 - in a toilet
1985 - in a zoo
1986 - in a office
1987 - in a garden
1988 - in a airport
1989 - in a stadium
1990 - in a hospital
1991 - in a bar
1992 - in a bed
1993 - in a bus
1994 - in a beach
1995 - in a phone
1996 - in a hostel
1997 - in a play ground
1998 - in a school
1999 - in a canteen
2000 - in a bathroom
2001-in a classroom
2002-in a truck
2003- in a casino

Its fun to see a lot of replies 🤓
Eg: Feb 10' 1999
I killed my girlfriend in a canteen.

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