£97 shirt riddle explained|shirt for 97 dollars explained|Riddle answer and puzzles

U saw a shirt for 97.00, and since you don't have enough cash, you borrowed 50.00 from your mother and 50.00 from your father which will give you 100.11. Since the shirt is 97.00 that will give you 3.00 change which you give 1.00 to your mother and 1.00 to your father and keep the other 1.00 to yourself. You now owe your mother and father both 49.00 which means 49.00 + 49.00 = 98.00 plus the 1.00 you kept for yourself gives you a total of 99.00. Where's the missing 1.00?

£97 shirt riddle explained
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you saw a shirt for $97 where is the missing $1 answer
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shirt for 97 dollars explained
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